GCODE Online

GCODE Online is a new key code retrieval system from Framon Manufacturing Company and Gale Johnson.

GCODE Online gives you real-time, up to date, web access to our codes database, progressions, key blank cross references, and support for all popular key machines found in the USA & Canada. When data updates are available they will be reflected on the web site automatically. Unlike the desktop software, there is nothing you need to install to get the updates. Just keep your subscription current and you can rest assured you are accessing the most current data available.

If you prefer to remain a traditional Genericode user, simply continue to purchase yearly updates as you have in the past. Genericode will still function the way it always has and GCODE Online will remain a completely separate product.


GCODE Online currently includes the following features:

  • Key code search (including direct digit codes)
  • Vehicle make/model/year search
  • Cycle make/model/year search
  • Sidewinder code search
  • Progressions

GCODE Online also includes support for popular key cutting machines, displays cutting measurements in imperial and metric, and gives key blank cross references for 24 different key numbering systems.


An annual subscription to GCODE Online costs $99.95 and includes simultaneous access for up to 3 connections within the same organization.

Sharing your account with other organizations is strictly prohibited. If this activity is detected your account will be suspended.