DC-300 / DuCode

Code Machine & Duplicator

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The DC-300 Duplicating Code Machine is two machines in one. It can both originate and duplicate automotive keys with ease.

Code cutting a key is a simple process: insert the depth cam and space key into the machine, slide in the blank and begin cutting. Code cutting can be done in about 30 seconds for a single sided key.

Duplicating a key is even easier; clamp both keys into the vises, turn the machine on and start cutting. Copying a key on the DC-300 takes about 20 seconds.

A highlight of the DC-300 is its’ ease of use. Only a few minutes of training is required to familiarize your employees with the features & operation of the DC-300.

Here’s just a few of the outstanding features of the DC-300:

As new code series are introduced, all that is needed is a new space key, in most cases. Occasionally, depending on which depth cams you have with your machine, another depth cam may be required.
A wire deburring brush is included with the machine. A nylon brush is also available.
The DC-300 will hold .0005″ accuracy consistently – no need to readjust the machine continually!
The DC-300 has a double sided vise. It will hold almost all automotive keys without any tipping. A pair of brass shims is also included with the machine in the rare case that a key tips.
The DC9040 cutter supplied with the machine will cut thousands of keys without the need for re-sharpening when used properly. Please note:the cutting wheel on the DC-300 is not designed to cut steel keys. A carbide cutter can be ordered for the machine for steel applications.
Sealed ball bearings are used throughout the machine. These bearings require no maintenance whatsoever. The only maintenance the DC-300 requires is a regular cleaning, and a few drops of oil onto the slide rod and guide.

The purchase price of the DC-300 does not include any depth cams or space keys.

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