Key Machine Instructions/Manuals


DC-300 (old style, cast base)

DC-300 (new style, machined aluminum base)

Express (Serial # Prior To #920240) 

Express (Serial # After #920240)

Framon #2 (Instruction sheets only, no depth & space data)


FRA2D Revised Depth Adjustments For Models With Space & Depth Cams

FRA-2001 (version 2.6 software)

FRA-2001 (version 4.4 software or newer)

JD-12 Detention Duplicator

KX-1 (Manual through 12/9/05, 1/2 page size)

KX-1 (New manual, 8 1/2″ x 11″, color)


Sidewinder (old version with manual carriage)

Sidewinder (new version with carriage handle)

Sidewinder 2

TKM-100 (Old Version, Plywood Base)

TKM-100 (New Version, Aluminum Base)


Software Program Instruction Manuals

Genericode ME
TMK Plus Version 4

Parts & Instruction Manuals