DT-1 Frame Dimpling Tool

The DT-1 frame dimpling tool is designed to aid in hollow metal door frame installation by adding a recess when “field-dimpling” a frame. Examples of use would be installing a new metal frame in an existing masonry or stud opening. The DT-1 is hardened & uses an allen screw & wrench to smoothly add a dimple to the door frame after it has been drilled. Once the dimple is in place a lag or toggle bolt will fit flush to the edge of the frame.

Typically, a frame is “punched & dimpled” three to four times on each side of the door frame. The DT-1 makes the job an easy one with a professional looking fit to the fasteners.

The tool is double-sided; after extensive use some wear may be evident in the threads or face of the tool; simply use the opposite side. Two allen screws and a long-arm allen wrench are also included.