High Speed Code Machine

Introducing Framon’s KX-1 Code Machine, also known as the “Electric Punch,” designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy and speed in key cutting. The KX-1 excels in cutting high-security cylinder keys with precision, using interchangeable depth and space cams that swap out in seconds without adjustment. Trusted since 1988 for its exceptional precision and low maintenance, it is endorsed by leading brands like Assa, Schlage Primus, Kaba PEAKS, Sargent, and Best. Additionally, the machine’s versatility includes built-in stops for various key types. Customizable for your preferred manufacturer, the KX-1 is ideal for institutional locksmiths and those handling large masterkey systems or high-security keys, making it a game-changer in the locksmithing industry.

KX-1 Code Machine

Features of the KX-1:

  • Endorsed by Sargent Manufacturing: Approved for the new Degree key system with a utility patent valid through 2027.
  • Interchangeable Depth and Space Cams: Allows for quick and easy switching between different cylinder keys without adjustment.
  • High Precision: Cuts keys accurate to .0005” in about fifteen seconds.
  • Built-In Stops: Equipped with a built-in tip stop for interchangeable core keys and a shoulder stop for other key types.
  • Easy Manufacturer Switching: Simple cam removal and installation using an Allen screw; may require a cutting wheel change for different key types.
  • Customizable Setup: Comes pre-configured for the preferred manufacturer; additional cams, cutters, and vises can be purchased separately.
  • Approved and Recommended: Endorsed by leading brands like Assa, Schlage Primus, Kaba PEAKS, Sargent and Best
  • Ideal for Locksmiths: Suitable for institutional locksmiths with limited key systems and those handling large masterkey systems or high-security keys.
  • Available Kits: Kits for various manufacturers including Assa, Arrow, Best, Corbin-Russwin, Falcon, Kaba, Kwikset, Master, Medeco, Sargent, Schlage, Weiser, and Yale.

Technical Info:

  • Power Supply: 110V AC motor
  • Optional Power Supply: 220V AC or 12V DC motors (up-charge)
  • Cutter RPM: 1750
  • Dimensions: 13″ W x 14″ D x 13″ H
  • Weight: 33 lbs.

Additional Info:

KX-1 Manual
KX-1 Product Flyer

Cams, Cutters, and Vises for the KX-1

Manufacturer Space Cam Depth Cam Cutter Vise Prefix
Arrow 1 S FC9045 1 AR
Assa 2 A FC9032 4 AS
Assa MK “0″ 2A0 AM FC10416 4 AM
Best 13 P FC9054 2 B2
Best 13 N FC9054 2 B3
Best 13 M FC9054 2 B4
Corbin D,H,Z Sys 70 3 B  FC9054 1 CD
Corbin K,N Sys 70 3 D FC9054 1 CK
Corbin Pyramid PY1 PY FC9054 1 PY
Corbin X Pre 70 12 E FC9054 1 CX
Corbin X Pre 70 12 CX FC9054 1 CXP70
Corbin GH 4 X FC9090 1 KW
Corbin 981 3 Y FC9054 1 C9
Corbin Z Pre 70 3 Z FC9054 1 ZC
Dorma D Series DR P FC9054 1 DD
Emhart 3 F FC8612 1 EM
Falcon Standard 7 R FC9090 1 FS
Falcon I-Core 13 P FC9054 2 FI
Grundman 16 G FC9051 1 GR
Kaba Peaks 140 15 P FC9054 2 K4
Kaba Peaks 150 13 P FC9054 2 K5
Kwikset 4 X FC9090 1 KW
Kwikset Titan 14 X FC9090* 1 KT
Lockwood 20 U FC9045 1 LK
Master  9 L FC9045 1 MS
Master Padlock  17 Z FC9045 1 MP
Medeco Bi-Axial 6 T FC8615 1 MB
Medeco Commercial 5 V FC8615 1 MC
Medeco KeyMark 13 W FC9054 3 MK
Medeco M3 6 T FC8615 M3 M3
R R Brink Mogul J2 JC FC10070 BRM BRM
R R Brink Lever J5 JE DBC1045x2 DET  BRL
Ruko (UK) 19 A FC9032 4 RK
Sargent C,R,L 10 J FC7863 1 SR
Sargent U,R,K,G,T,UT 10 H FC7863 1 SU
Sargent Degree DG1 5 DG1 FC9054 1 DG1
Sargent Degree DG2/DG3 5 DG2 FC8615 M3 DG2
Schlage (includes Primus) 8 C FC10031 2 SC
Schlage SFIC 18 P FC9054 2 ST
Southern Folger Mogul J2 JC FC10070 DET SFM
Southern Folger Maxi Mogul J2 JB FC10070 DET SFMM
Southern Folger 6 Lever J1 JA DBC1088 DET SF6
Southern Folger 5 Lever J3 JD DBC1103 DET SF5
Southern Folger 5 Lever** J4 JD DBC1103 DET SF5O
Southern Steel Mogul SJ2 JF FC10070 DET SSMN
Southern Steel A Series J6 JD DBC1103 DET SSA
Southern Steel 13 A1*** None JF DBC1085S DET SS13
Weiser 7 R FC9090 1 WE
Yale Pro-Key 22 O FC9045 1 YP
Yale Standard 11 K FC9045 1 YA

* Kwikset Titan models are shipped with the FC9090 cutter. A separate charge (included upon request only) will be added for the FC4590T cutter for making the first cut next to the shoulder of the key, which has a 90 degree angle at the bow side.

Ordering Information

Item Part Number
KX-1 Code Machine KX-1-00
(no cams, cutters, vise)  
Single Depth Cam KXxxDC
Single Space Cam KXxxSC
(xx is suffix listed above)  
Kit 1 – Two Cams KXxx01
Kit 2 – Two Cams, Vise KXxx02
Kit 3 – Two Cams, Cutter KXxx03
Kit 4 – Two Cams, Cutter, Vise KXxx04