Manual Code Machine

The Framon #2 Code Machine stands as an industry leader, renowned for its unparalleled accuracy and durability in key origination. Described as “more than just a key machine – a complete origination system”, the Framon #2 empowers users to originate nearly any cylinder key currently in use. Its extensive capabilities cover a wide array of keys, including standard cylinder, domestic and foreign automotive, motorcycle, padlock, letterbox, safety deposit box, interchangeable core, and high-security keys. The machine’s core, the Framon Depth & Space Manual, contains over 900 cylinder key charts, letterbox charts, and safety deposit box charts, providing comprehensive cutting capabilities. Remarkably, the Framon #2 is not only cost-effective to purchase but also to maintain, with zero year-to-year update costs, thanks to its utilization of manufacturers’ depths and spaces. When purchasing a #2 Code Machine, everything you need to get started is included without expensive add-ons.

Framon’s Genericode software is also included with every #2 purchase, allowing users to lookup millions of different key codes and thousands of key blanks.

Unlock precision and durability with the Framon #2 Manual Code Machine. Originate a wide range of keys effortlessly. Includes Genericode software for added convenience. Get started hassle-free!

Framon #2 Manual Code Machine

Features of the FRA2:

  • Accuracy and durability – all steel and aluminum construction. No small gears to strip out or bushings to wear out
  • Complete code package include Gcode software and Framon’s Depth & Space Manual
  • Six spacing blocks and dial calipers included
  • Widely considered a “cornerstone” of any locksmith shop, the #2 will give you years of trouble-free service
  • One year warranty including parts, labor and freight
  • Real people still answer our phones when you need support!

Technical Info:

  • Power Supply: 110V AC motor
  • Optional Power Supply: 220V AC or 12V DC motors (up-charge)
  • Cutter RPM: 1750
  • Cutter: FC8445 Cutting Wheel, FC8615 Medeco Cutting Wheel
  • Dimensions: 10.5″ W x 17″ D x 8″ H
  • Weight: 36 lbs.

Additional Info:

FRA2 Depth & Space Manual (instructions only)
FRA2 Accessories
FRA2 Product Flyer

Depth & Space

The Framon Depth & Space Manual serves as the cornerstone of the Framon #2 system, offering extensive cutting capabilities. In addition to the keys mentioned earlier, the manual features over 900 cylinder key charts, 18 letterbox charts, and 32 safety deposit box charts.

The true beauty of this machine lies in its cost-effectiveness. Not only is the initial purchase price lower compared to other code machines, but the ongoing annual expenses are also remarkably minimal – zero, to be precise. By leveraging manufacturers’ depths and spaces for key origination, updating the machine simply involves copying new information into your manual (blank pages provided), ensuring a cost-efficient and hassle-free experience.

Everything You Need In One Package

At Framon, we don’t believe in a lot of extras. Here’s everything you get when you buy a #2 Code Machine


F2MS360 Depth & Space Manual F2MS451 6″ Dial Calipers
FC8445 Standard Cutter F2MSSB1 #1 Spacing Block
FC8615  Medeco Cutter F2MSSB2 #2 Spacing Block
F2MS552 Spacing Clip F2MSSB3 #3 Spacing Block
F2MS402 1/8″ Allen Wrench F2MSSB4 #4 Spacing Block
DCMS410 Brass Shim F2MSSB5 #5 Spacing Block
GCODE Genericode Code Retrieval Program F2MSSB6 #6 Spacing Block

After personly using a Framon number 2 FRA2 key machine it is truly amazing to see how durable and accurate this machine is. I have dropped it on solid concrete and the machine still cuts perfectly accurate. It’s durability is second to none and will survive a lifetime of work and abuse mounted in a mobile work van taking bumps any pot holes in stride. I have used both a brand new machine (2017) and one from the late 1970’s that has cut tens of thousands of keys and they cut and function exactly the same. Once the machine is set it cuts accurate and fast for almost any key on the market today. This is one of the few things in today’s “disposable ” filter that will literally last you a lifetime.  Tools are an investment you make in your business, I can see no better long term investment than Framon key machines.

Wayne Winton

Tri-County Locksmith Services