Welcome to the Genericode online notes page. New program information will appear here. This page serves as a “bulletin board” for the program, be sure to check in often!

VERSION 16 (Year 2016)

Version 16 is now using an auto update feature. Please be sure the “Check For Updates” radio button is set to “Yes” to enable your program to download important updates as they become available.

 VERSION 15 (Year 2015)

If you have Version 15.5.1 or 15.5.6 please update to 15.7.2 using the link below. This will update your vehicle table with new vehicle information and fix a key cutting issue with Laser Key Products “S” models. This will also add 500 Arctic Cat codes (C & D series for 2014+ vehicles). This also fixes a tracing error on the LKP Xtreme & Xtreme S machine. You will need to re-validate your program after installing.


 VERSION 14 (Year 2014)


Laser Key Products Users: Gcode has been updated with several new features to cut keys on the Xtreme and 3-D Pro. It is imperative that you continue to keep your LKP software up to date. As new keys come out, the “key cutting routines” are updated by Laser Key Products in their software. Genericode then sends the appropriate cuts and DSD number to the machine to cut the key. If this information is outdated in your LKP program, Gcode cannot find what it needs to cut the key and you will get a DSD error. This primarily happens with high security keys, please be aware of it.

Links to “RegDLL” program, the “Bridge” between Gcode and the LKP Machine:

3-D Pro (must be on V14 LKP 3D Pro Software): https://www.framon.com/update/Gcode/Regdll%203D%20Pro.exe

Xtreme (must be on V15 LKP Xtreme Software): https://www.framon.com/update/Gcode/Regdll%20Xtreme.exe

 Kia & Hyundai Information:

These two brands continue to pose challenges for locksmiths. We receive information regularly from both companies; the information they provide us goes into Gcode. Unfortunately, code number prefixes are changed based on model regularly. We will try to keep this list as up to date as possible.

2016 Kia Sorento – UM codes – new series – cut exactly the same as the HY18-R keys used with the C1001-3500 code series
2016 Kia Optima – may see KD prefixes, series is really D0001-3000.

2013 Kia Optima – has KE code prefix – really is a K code.
2012 Kia Sedona – M series standard type key.
2013 Kia Rio – We have heard of A and E prefixes – really a K code.

14MY Cadenza / VG – U – U0001-2500
14MY Forte / YD – D – WD1001-3500
14MY K900 / KH – U – U0001-2500
13MY Forte / TD – D – WD1001-3500
13MY Soul / AM – C – WC1001-3500
13MY Sportage / SL – E – M0001-2500 or K0001-2500
13MY Optima (Korean Built) / TF – E – K0001-2500
13MY Optima (Korean Built) / TF/HEV – E – K0001-2500
13MY Rio /  UB – E – K0001-2500
14MY Sorento /  XMa – G – G0001-2500
13MY Optima /  (US Built) QF – E – K0001-2500
13MY Sedona /  VQ – H – H0001-2500

13-14MY Hyundai Equus – I0001-2608 – similar to Cadenza not positive on blank width.

For 2017, the Hyundai Equus and Genesis Sedan will be removed from the model lineup.

The former Genesis Sedan will not be called the Genesis G80.

The former Equus will now be called the Genesis G90.

Key codes for those vehicles are expected to remain the same.