Framon Bypass Tool!

The Bypass Tool (BYP2) allows you to remove the cylinder from a “very popular” door knob in use today that requires a rekeying tool to remove. When the control key is lost, your only option until now was to attempt to pick or impression the six-pin key. With the Framon Bypass Tool, the job takes less than three minutes!

The BYP2 Tool includes a pin punch to remove the retaining spring, an assortment of replacement scalp plates, and the fixture for drilling the knob. After removal of the cylinder, you have two options:

Replace the scalp plate and reinstall the cylinder after fitting a key to the cylinder

Install a new cylinder (available through your local distributor).

The Framon Bypass Tool turns a tedious job into a simple one. Contact Framon or your distributor for more information. You can also request information on the Bypass Tool through our request form.