Recognized throughout the industry as the most accurate & durable code machine available. The #2 is made from heat treated aluminum and steel. There are no small gears to strip out and no plastic parts to wear out. Possibly the most perfect code machine ever created…

Bullseye Installation Jig

Framon is proud to introduce our latest product, the Bullseye Installation Jig. The new installation jig will assist installers with drilling wood or metal doors. The tool is completely self-contained besides a 3/32” allen wrench to change bore sizes.

SFIC Pinning / Capping Block

Another great tool from Framon Manufacturing for locksmiths who use interchangeable core. The CPB1 comes with a pinning / capping block, ejecting pin and capping tool. Insert the core into the tool and eject the old pins quickly and easily. Flip the block over to load the chambers and cap the core. Made in the USA.

Genericode Version 24

Update Now Available

Genericode Version 24 is now available. The new version includes support for Framon’s new FRA-2001 Version 2 controller as well as the usual lineup of ITL and Laser Key Products electronic machines. The vehicle index has been updated for 2024 including new Kia & Hyundai codes as well as updating our Utility and Padlock codes. We continue to work throughout the year with automatic updates to the program as new information comes in. Contact Framon or your distributor for more information.


Combination Code & Duplicators

Originate and duplicate keys with our line of all-in-one machines

Code Machines

The most accurate and durable code machines available

Duplicating Machines

Quickly and accurately duplicate all types of keys