Framon Work Light

Add Some Light To Any Key Machine


In the past, we received many requests for a light that could be mounted to our key machines. We found the ideal light with an added feature – a quick release on the base of the light, making it simple to move it from one machine to another. One stud comes with the light – you can add more studs to other machines or benches and move the light from one location to another in seconds.

The Work light comes with the MS1 mounting stud. You can attach this stud to a #1 or #2 code machine by screwing the stud into the base. For older machines without the pre-drilled hole, simply drill and tap a hole (instructions provided) and install the stud. Part #F2MS564
For bench-mount applications, a flange stud is available that mounts with three screws. Both wood screws and sheet metal screws are included. Part #F2MS562
An L-Bracket is also available for vertical mount applications, such as our Sidewinder or TKM-100.

Part #F2MS561