Warranty Information Applying To Framon Key Cutting Machines

– Our Unmatched Warranty –

At Framon, we are proud of the products we make. Every key machine carries a one-year, parts, labor and freight warranty. If you have any problems with your key machine in the first year, we will: issue a call tag, pick up the machine and repair or replace it within 2 days of receiving it.Not a dime out of your pocket – we even take care of the freight! Please note: machines picked up for warranty work that show evidence of misuse will be charged freight and a repair fee as indicated below.

After the first year, there is a $75 labor charge to repair a machine plus parts costs. The same 2 day service means you won’t be waiting weeks for your machine. Additional labor charges may apply for repairs outside of our normal repair (repainting of a machine, additional work due to improper packaging, etc.).

How can we offer such exceptional service? The biggest reason is that we make quality equipment – rarely do we get repair work. Where many key machine manufacturers use bushings (some key machine manufacturers refer to these as bronze bearings), we use sealed ball bearings.Where others use plastic, we utilize steel and aluminum. This assures a machine that will serve a long life under the most extreme conditions – and keeps it in the owner’s hands, not on a shelf waiting to be fixed!

Things That Make Us Unique

Technical Help…

We can answer questions over the phone regarding depths & spaces for new code series. Framon code machine owners only need the depths & spaces to cut a key – one phone call gives you the ability to cut new keys if you don’t already have the information! Have a computer issue? Let us connect to your computer remotely and let us do the work!

Experienced Locksmiths… In addition to making some of the finest key machines available today, we also operate a lock shop in northern Michigan. This enables us to understand your needs first hand, as well as ‘get our hands dirty’ with new products in the marketplace. If you call for technical help, you’re not talking to someone who has never seen a lock cylinder – you are talking to a fellow locksmith!

We’re Easy To Reach… Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM eastern standard time. You can contact us by regular mail, e-mail (support@framon.com), fax, or phone. We’ll be happy to help you out with any questions you may have about any machines, tools, or depth & space information. Feel free to call before or after your purchase!