WE LOVE OUR FRAMON! What else can we say?

Elaine & Terry Secord

It’s great to have such a great machine to do the unusual stuff.

Wynn Kessler

Love my Framon 2 since 1978!

R. Schachtschneider

Aim Lock 'n' Key Service

I agree with Jerry McNickle (I only have three (machines) and I love my “300”, it is my favorite).

Joseph R McCord

JoJo's Lock & Safe

I am writing you to THANK YOU for bothering with my phone calls to you for technical assistance in regards to the use of your #2 code cutting machine. You have been very kind and helpful each time I called you.
It’s a very good feeling to know that when you buy a machine, the maker wants to help you use their product to its’ fullest possibilities. I really feel that you are doing just that.

Leroy Riffenburg

Riff's Locksmith Shop

…I have not seen a better designed and more easily used code machine. I used mine with a 12v motor and had it mounted in the back of my van where it had a rough ride and I only had to adjust it once in two years. My particular machine survived an accident which displaced it to another part of the van, but just like the Timex commercial says, ‘it took a licking and kept on ticking.’

Billy B Edwards, Jr.

I own one of your Sidewinder key machines. I tried all of the others at a show and found that yours was the best suited for originating keys. I’ve had it for about 2 years now and have never had a problem with it. I hope soon to be able to purchase a Framon #2 Code Machine.

Ken Cox

I finally purchased the updated Framon Space & Depth Manual and I just wanted to let you know that Framon really did a great job.
I use my Framon #2 almost as much as I use my duplicating machines and have not experienced one problem. Keep up the good work.

Charles J Lucy

C & C Lock & Key

I love my Framon, and if I was going to buy another code machine I would get another Framon. I am also considering a high-security machine and Framon will be on the top of the list when I make that decision…Again thank you for a wonderful product…you and your staff are about as customer oriented as you can get.

Chuck Donnelly

All-County Locksmiths

I have two #2’s and two slotters (DBM-1) and they all work better than described by the literature. I would have NO hesitation in buying another Framon. They do a good job designing machines. Frank (Agius) used to demonstrate the hardiness of the code cutting machine (#1 and #2) at the Penn-Ohio show by dropping it off the table onto the hard floor and then cutting a perfect Schlage key on it. Try dropping (another brand) on it’s head and see what happens. I have accidentally slid mine off of the workbench in the van a couple of times, and have never had to readjust it.

Bill Mandlebaum

The Brass Key Shop

I am always one to give credit where it is due. I have owned a Framon Code Machine for 6 or 7 years now. I recently had a small problem with it and contacted Phil Agius, one of the owners of Framon Manufacturing, and he got right on it. I sent the machine to them and they had it repaired and shipped the same day. Incredible, huh? That’s what I thought. I have always recommended the #2 Code Machine above all else in it’s class. I now can recommend the people who manufacture and support it equally. Thank you Phil, and your staff. Even the lady who answers the phone was nice. If anyone is currently debating which machine to buy drop me a line. I can tell you what I think.

Dominick A Atanasio

Key Way Locksmith