Sidewinder Cutters & Accessories

Optional Accessories For The Framon Sidewinder

GHMS461 – Chip Shield For The Sidewinder   

Easily attaches to any Framon Sidewinder; the shield will deflect chips away from the user. To install, simply remove one screw & replace it with a thumb screw.

GHMS652 – 4″ Pulley For The Framon Sidewinder

This pulley speeds up the cutter to over 5,000 rpm. If you cut a high volume of Lexus keys, this pulley will help your cutters last longer. Please specify weather your machine has a 3/8″ or 1/2″ motor shaft.

Vises only are needed to cut these keys. A 3mm cutter and guide are recommended

GHCB3MM – 3mm cutter

GHMS3MM – 3mm guide

GHSHAUD – Audi vise set

GHSHAUDI – Audi kit includes vises, cutter and guide –


* 5/32″ Cutter and Guide – Use for all side milled keys

GHCC156 5/32″ carbide cutter

GHMS156 5/32″ guide

* 3/32″ Cutter and Guide – Use for cutting Lexus and other center cut keys

GHCB093 3/32″ cobalt cutter

GHMS093 3/32″ guide

3mm Cutter and Guide – Use with some depth & space keys, recommended for Audi high security keys

GHCC3MM 3mm carbide cutter

GHMS3MM 3mm guide

All cutters and guides are 3/16″ diameter * denotes cutter supplied with machine at time of purchase


Description    Part #
Drive Belt GHMS601
Hand Held Tip Stop GESH029
Standard Vise Pair GHSH0601