Framon Code Machine Accessories

Optional Accessories For The #1, #2 or #2D Code Machine

Enhance the functionality and performance of your Framon #2 code machine with our wide range of accessories. Whether you need additional cutters, clamps, or specialized tools, we have everything to help you get the most out of your equipment. Our accessories are designed to be durable, precise, and easy to use, ensuring your key cutting tasks are efficient and accurate. Explore our selection and find the perfect additions to optimize your locksmithing work. Trust Framon for all your key machine accessory needs.

Spacing Block Rack

The rack holds six Framon spacing blocks securely. Blocks snap in and out of the rack in seconds. Two mounting screws provided to attach the rack to your code machine.

PART #: F2SH750 – For the #1 & #2 Only

#6 Spacing Block For Framon #1 Or #2

Spacing block #6 is now available for the Framon #1 & #2 Code Machine. The new block has spacings for the Toyota & GM 10 cut series, as well as Kia Y7001-8200 and ten others. PART NO. F2MSSB6 – For The Framon #1 & #2.

Double Sided Vise

This vise will hold the wide, deeply milled blanks such as X160, X161, X176 and X184 that tend to tip in the standard vise. The reverse side of the vise has a built-in tip stop and special millings to hold all of the interchangeable core keys firmly. The vise eliminates the need for shims and wires to hold these blanks. Fits Framon #1 or #2 Code Machines. PART NO. F2SH050 – For The #1, #2, & #2D

Spacing Block Set for Domestic & Import

72 different spacings from .045″ to .170″. Includes new Toyota 10 cut (50001-69999 code series) as well as Ford 10 wafer spacing and VB series with double cuts. These blocks snap in and out of the spacing block holder and fit all existing Framon Code Machines. Also included is a new spacing clip for tip-stopped keys. PART NO. FSB1001 – For The #1 & #2 Only

Spacing Block Set for Safety Deposit Box Keys

Offered in three different kits: The F2MSDB1 includes three safety deposit blocks with spacing for Diebold, Mosler, HHM, S & G, York, etc. The F2MSDBC2 includes the blocks plus .055″, .066″ and .088″ high speed steel slotters. The F2MSDBC3 includes the blocks and  carbide slotters.

For The #1 & #2 Only

Medeco Keymark Vise

A special vise is needed to hold & cut Medeco KeyMark keys. Due to the varied angles on the legs of the KeyMark keys, we suggest that you send a blank in before purchasing the vise.  Part Number F2SH065 – For The #1, #2, & #2D

Tibbe Key Attachment

An attachment for cutting Tibbe keys. This unit will fit all Framon Code Machines and comes complete with a .088″ carbide slotter and instructions for use. This unit will cut both the 6 and 8 wafer Tibbe keys that are used on Ford and Jaguar autos. These keys can now be cut quickly and accurately at a very low cost to Framon Code Machine owners. NOTE: The fixture will NOT cut the large head original Jaguar keys.  PART NO. F2SH070 – For The #1 & #2 Only

Depth & Space Manual

This edition contains depth and space information for domestic, import, flat steel keys and safety deposit keys. It’s the largest and most comprehensive depth and space manual available. Newly formatted in 1996, the Depth & Space Manual gives progressive spacings as well as spacing block reference numbers. PART NO. F2MS350 (If your binder is in good shape, save money & order the filler pages only: PART NO. F2MS360)


Description Part #
Drive belt F2MS601
Key Stop F2MS551
Standard Vise F2SH060
Depth Plate (.100, .150 markings) F2MS102
Dial Indicator F2MS103
Depth Plate Pointer F2MS104
Spacing Block Indicator F2MS105
Compression Spring (vise springs, 5 pack) F2MS003-PK5