3-D Elite Code/Duplicator

3-D Elite Features

  • 3 Axis Machine
  • Fully enclosed for safety and containment of debris
  • Chip drawer for easy clean up and containment of shavings
  • Rotary Jaws for clamping keys with built-in tip/shoulder stops
  • Quick change/removal of Jaws
  • Indicator lights for power, machine status and connectivity also illuminated power button
  • Light on workspace with USB stick that illuminates work area
  • DC brushless motors with 3 axis controller closed loop system
  • Automatic adjustments of speeds/feeds for different key hardness
  • Multiple power sources available with direct 12v, 110-240v power options that will eliminate need for an inverter 12v option will be additional cost of $450
  • Lighter weight at 40 lbs. with built-in handles for easy carrying and simple to install bolt down kit for vehicle
  • Direct drive system on high security and standard motor eliminating belt and other parts for better operation

Standard Parts Included

  • TR 2.5 Cutter
  • 50mm High Speed Steel Cutter Wheel
  • Laptop Mount
  • Tablet or Laptop
  • 2 Stainless Steel Tracer Tips
  • Built-in Tip/Shoulder Stops Jaw 1 and 2
  • USB LED Light
  • Stylus Calibration Tool
  • USB Cable
  • GeneriCode Software For Code Cutting
  • Cleaning Brush

3-D Elite Details

  • Weight 42 lbs Dimensions 19x16x12
  • Motors 24v Limited – 2 yr Warranty
  • Power 110-240v with 12v Capabilities
  • Software lkp/Genericode
  • High Security Cutter 2.5mm, .0625mm
  • Standard Security Cutter 5.0mm