Key Machine Instructions and Manuals

DC-300 Instruction Manual (old style machine) 
DC-300 / DuCode Instruction Manual (new style machine) 
MD-1 Manual Duplicator 
Sidewinder High Security Key Duplicator (old style machine with manual carriage) 
Sidewinder High Security Key Duplicator
 (new style machine with lever) 
Autocode Instruction Manual (Includes version 2.6.16 software)

Software Instruction


Genericode ME / Autocode ME Instruction Manual (version 4 + software)

Parts & Accessories Manuals

DC-300 Application Chart *(See Note Below)
DC9040C Carbide Cutter Adjustment For FRA-2001 Machine
DC-300 / FRA-2001 Vise Instruction Page
DC-300 / Autocode Kits
DuCode / Autocode Vise Instruction Page
Machine Repair Form

*Note: Except in extremely rare cases, a code series will use the same space key and cam regardless of year. For instance, a GM G0001-3631 code series will use the same space key and cam for every year model it is used on.