FRA-2001 / AutoCode / Accu-Cut

Computer-Driven Code Machine

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Please note: If you are viewing the video or browse the pdf file of the FRA-2001, some options described are NOT available in the automotive version.

Framon's FRA-2001 Code Machine takes the headache out of computerized key cutting. The machine is controlled by a PC, taking all commands from the computer it is connected to. The FRA-2001 talks with the computer through a standard 9-pin serial cable. By making the machine's software PC based, key cutting is done through a common Windows interface. The result? A program that is simple to operate & easy to use. Here are some of the outstanding features of the FRA-2001:

    • The software supplied with the FRA-2001 includes a FULL set of key codes. Codes for all automotive manufacturers are included in the price of the machine.

    • Free code updates for one full year.

    • Cutting a six-pin key on the FRA-2001 takes about 20 seconds.

    • Keys are accurate to .001".

    • Linear & sealed ball bearings are used throughout the machine for long life & durability.

    • The FRA-2001 can cut in either plunge or laser cut mode.

    • A reversible vise on the FRA-2001 will hold almost any cylinder key in use today without the need for shims or adapters.

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