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Genericode Version 14 Now Available

Genericode V14 is now ready. This year we will begin implementing a download system for the program with a cost of $129.95. For those owners preferring a CD instead of the download link there will be a $10 charge. For 2014 we have placed password protection on the program. Once you place your order you will receive a code that will allow you to unlock the program on one computer. Additional codes will be available via e-mail once you install the program. The links below are for EXISTING Genericode owners only. If you would like to purchase the full version of Genericode please contact your distributor.

Locksmith Automotive


Laser Key Products 3D Xtreme Owners:

 Gcode Plus LKP

If you have a Laser Key Products 3D Xtreme, contact Framon at 989-354-5623 to purchase our updated version that operates the Xtreme machine.


Sidewinder 2-LX - Now Includes Five Kits

New! Online Demonstrations!

If you would like to have an online demonstration of any Framon key machine or our Genericode code software, we can use Teamviewer or Skype to have an online meeting with you. Simply call us at 989-354-5623 to schedule a preview of our software or to see a machine in action. Connecting via Teamviewer (used for Genericode demonstrations) takes about 30 seconds by clicking the "Teamviewer Meeting" icon at the bottom left of this page. To have an online demonstration of a key machine, visit www.skype.com and set up an account, which takes about one minute and is free. We can then set up a video call with you and demonstrate a machine. 

Best USB-COM Converter For FRA-2001 Machine

If you have an FRA-2001, Autocode, or Accu-Cut key machine and need a USB to COM converter cable, visit this web page and purchase the USB RS-232 Cable. We have tested it on our machines here and found it to work properly. 

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