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How Hard Work, An Idea & Persistence Pays Off…

The FRA2 , widely known as the most accurate and durable code machine available, is celebrating 50 years. Designed in 1967 by the founder of Framon Manufacturing, Frank Agius. 

Frank Agius began practicing locksmithing in 1959 in addition to his cabinet-making business. As he became more involved with lock work, he realized that he needed a better machine to originate keys than what was currently available. He designed a code machine for his own use, made up of spare parts he found around the house. Accurate to one-half thousandth of an inch (.0005″), the machine could cut depths ranging from .115″ to .400″ and accommodate practically any cylinder key. A distributor in Detroit, Sam Solomon of Hugo Solomon and Sons, heard of Frank’s invention and talked him into traveling to a few trade shows to see if there would be a market for the machine. There was definitely interest, and with the help of Sam and a few other investor-friends, Framon Manufacturing Company was formed. The FRA2 was first designed in 1967 and the first Framon Code Machine was shipped in 1972.

The #2 became well-known throughout the industry as a highly accurate and durable code machine. Frank even showed this off at many trade shows by dropping the machine from the table, picking it up and cutting a perfect key with the machine. The #2 Code Machine remains one of Framon’s best selling machines today.

After personly using a Framon number 2 FRA2 key machine it is truly amazing to see how durable and accurate this machine is. I have dropped it on solid concrete and the machine still cuts perfectly accurate. It’s durability is second to none and will survive a lifetime of work and abuse mounted in a mobile work van taking bumps any pot holes in stride. I have used both a brand new machine (2017) and one from the late 1970’s that has cut tens of thousands of keys and they cut and function exactly the same. Once the machine is set it cuts accurate and fast for almost any key on the market today. This is one of the few things in today’s “disposable ” filter that will literally last you a lifetime.  Tools are an investment you make in your business, I can see no better long term investment than Framon key machines.

Wayne Winton

ALOA author of they year 2017

Promotional price includes

• FRA2 Code Machine
• FC8615 Medeco Cutter
• FC8445 Standard Cutter
• Genericode Code Retrieval Program
• Six spacing Blocks
• Spacing Clip
• Brass Shim
• Allen Wrench
• Dial Calipers
• Instruction Manual

(Depth & Space Manual is NOT included in this special promotion, key cutting information is in Genericode)


All Aluminum & Steel Construction
Straight In Feed
Made In The USA