Genericode 10 & 11


Genericode 11 Support

If you have an ITL machine and are receiving an error when trying to send, download 11.2 below. NOTE: This download is NOT necessary if you do not use an ITL machine. After you click the link, you must COPY the file and PASTE it into your "gcode 11" directory. This is NOT a self-extracting file. If you have difficulties, contact us at 989-354-5623 for assistance.

Genericode 10 Support

If you have version 10.1.1, click the link below to update to 10.2.0. This will fix an issue with the key blank display in the search page. It will also give you the ability to print out the tryout key progressions screen (ABC). When prompted, save the file into your C:Gcode 10 directory. You will be asked if you want to overwrite your existing file. When you start the program (the shortcut on the desktop will remain the same) you should see version 10.2.0.
DO NOT download the file if you are on version 9. This will corrupt your program & require a reinstall of version 9.


Genericode 10 works with the same progression engine as version 9. If you are having problems progressing a code, visit the version 9 support site & download Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 or higher.